Friday, January 28, 2011

Learn more about Mineral Evolution

Mineral Evolution is a brand in the world of luxury makeup that offers a unique combination of pure mineral ingredients, high quality and very convenient use. As the founder of Mineral Evolution makeup and a European trained esthetician, I was continuously on the look out for products that could deliver the high quality my demanding clients desire only to conclude that the no-compromise makeup I was looking for was not yet invented. Together with some of the best manufacturers in the industry I have succeeded in  developing a full line of innovative mineral makeup. Pure in ingredients, gentle to the most sensitive skin.

Without talc, preservatives, fragrances, chemical dyes or additives the mineral products are inorganic and inert to bacteria. There is no bacteria built up during use or storage guaranteeing a bacteria-free application with every use. This explains why Mineral Evolution is very gentle and safe for the most sensitive skin and even can be used with irritated skin or conditions like rosacea and acne. Anti-inflammatory Zinc-Oxide even stimulates the healing of damaged skin.  Only minerals of highest quality are used and result in a matte finish and very natural look with a minimal layer.

The mineral ingredients are mixed as powders and pressed into tablets under precise temperature and pressure conditions. The specially designed Mineral Evolution natural hair kabuki brush picks up a small amount of powder and stores this in dense layers of hair. When applying to the skin the right amount of makeup is released and back-filled through the hairs in what we call a time-release process. There is no need for tapping or buffing and it's a one-step application without spills and stains. The perfect solution for the modern on-the-go women to have an all day natural beauty.

The all natural ingredients of Mineral Evolution come together through new and innovative production processes. The minerals, while overlapping each other, adhere perfectly to the skin and deliver a long staying power still allowing the skin to breath normally. The unique Mineral Evolution powders create long lasting natural coverage without ever feeling or looking heavy.

Mineral Evolution foundation, bronzer and blush are enhanced with Vitamin E that protects the cell-membrane against free radicals and therefore slows down the aging process of the skin. The skin collagen is protected against harmful UVA radiation by the natural SPF 20 of the minerals. Mineral Evolution foundation is so pure it is perfectly safe to sleep in.  

Please visit our, website,  I am confident you will be impressed.  All feed back is welcome.

Bernadette Van der Ploeg
Mineral Evolution, LLC.